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“Rachel’s Southern Style Restaurant is just that — a Southern style family restaurant with large portions of homestyle cooking.

The chicken tenders are cut fresh, hand tossed and fried right there in the kitchen and the wide variety of vegetables and casseroles are cooked fresh daily.

Many of the high quality meats served at Rachel’s  come from the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

Homemade chicken & dumplins, homemade soups & chili are perfect for the Winter months, while  the squash casserole & grilled chicken salad are perfect for the summer months. Of course, the fresh-brewed sweet tea is perfect year round.

Each entree comes with two sides. A vegetable plate is also available for those who wish to sample the fresh vegetables and casseroles.

Southern Distinction Magazine

August 2010

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What the critics say...


October 17, 2007

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“Trying a Meat-and-Three in Oconee”

You Can't Leave Your Hat On:

  I hate to talk about the wilds of Watkinsville, it being only a few minutes from Athens, and, mostly, a fairly unscary place, but when your plans change in the middle of an excursion due to one restaurant not being open for lunch yet and you don’t have directions to your backup, sometimes it feels as though there’s a new shopping center on every block. Rachel’s (1021 Jamestown Blvd., off Hog Mountain Road sort of near the Publix shopping center in Watkinsville, 706-310-0091) is in just such, a brand-spanking-new center I’ve already forgotten the name of but that also contains Dinner in a Snap and a Zero’s Subs, and serves Southern home-cooking-style breakfast (from 7 a.m.), lunch and, newly, dinner (they just started and are open until 8 p.m.).

  The walls are hung with a selection of signs telling you to remove your hat or locating you in a rural environment, and the surprisingly large menu is written on a couple of whiteboards.

  The most amazing thing about the restaurant is its prices. The whole fried catfish seems like an okay deal to begin with, as it comes with two sides for about $8,

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~Hillary Brown

What our customers say...

“Rachel's Restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat lunch or dinner. I eat out a lot; I don't like fast food and I don't want to spend $20-30+ on every meal, either.

She has great southern cooking. You choose your meat and you choose your vegetables from a wide variety. The menu options change daily. I love their vegetable plates. They have wonderful choices such as sweet potato casserole and/or souffle, green beans, cabbage, stewed tomatoes, rutabagas (the best!), corn, peas, lima beans, etc... most anything you can think of.

There are a variety of great meats as well as a variety of good desserts...

~K. D.

What the critics say...

Southern Cooking at its Best!

April 9th, 2009

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